Stepping into New Church Ministry

On July 7th I was the keynote speaker at the Church of Truth's LifeFest event in Louisville, KY. The theme for LifeFest 2018 was "Out of the Ashes: Women Warriors Seminar." I was invited to speak about my process of recognizing a call to ministry even though my church doesn't ordain women. In this post I share the full text of my talk and reflect on my experience.

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How to Think Globally and Act Locally When it Comes to Religion

In our religiously plural society, how do we bridge being at once content with our religious understanding and community and yet aware and accepting of others who have a different religious understanding and are part of a different community? The thought occurred that we need to apply the adage, “Think globally, act locally” to religion. We can find community in a religious setting that is comfortable for us, but we need to have an awareness that our “global” spiritual community includes all humanity.

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